1. grober

    A drive in Elvis Presley's 600

  2. grober

    Elvis has left the Building.

    Well the spacecraft Voyager-1 actually, has officially left the Solar System--- on the 25th of August 2012 a newly published paper claims. In Situ Observations of Interstellar Plasma With Voyager 1 Launched on the 5th September 1977 it is the first man made object to reach interstellar...
  3. Godot

    In the Depot.... Elvis is alive and well in Wales

  4. R

    Happy Birthday Elvis...

    ...16th August. Not: Michele Bachmann Wishes Elvis Happy Birthday on Death Anniversary [Video] | Long Island Press
  5. grober

    Elvis Mercedes 600 at Auction

    Yes you chance to purchase this short wheelbase 600 first registered in the name of Elvis Aaron Presley. For sale at Bonhams December Sale complete with TCB monogram --estimated price £150,000-£200,000 ------Thankyouverrrymuch! More details in this months MBO online mag.page 5...
  6. grober

    Elvis -the comeback special BBC2 now

    Elvis -the comeback special BBC2 now AT 9.30PM If you want a hint of dynamic performer he was--- this is it. Forget the White rhinestone jump suit Vegas concerts this is the real thing.
  7. st13phil

    So, Elvis shot his car and Keith Walendowski shot his...

    ...lawnmower! From BBC News: I love the bit about voiding the warranty :D
  8. ShinyF1

    'Elvis' has left the building..

    ...well not quite: http://www.planet-f1.com/ http://www.mclaren.com/ http://www.autosport.com/ Muppet - that'll just be the two world championships for Alonso then....
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