1. S

    Mercedes gl with embarrassing horn:)

    Hi, I have noticed that my horn on my 2007 Gl420 sounds like it's off a Noddy car real weak struggling horn I can see the units in behind the front bumper both appear to been working but I suspect they are knackered. I also noticed recently the alarm horn or siren isn't working recently when...
  2. whitenemesis

    Now, that's embarrassing .....

    Video is private but scroll down to the Instagram post below it... Cocky Porsche 918 Driver Speeds Off And Crashes
  3. R

    The Most Embarrassing Thing

    One day, when I was drinking soup, a fly fell into the bowl, which makes me very embarrassed. So What Is The Most Embarrassing Thing That Has Ever Happened to You?
  4. C

    Embarrassing C63 question

    Ok, I give up, how do you turn the fog lights on and off :dk: I have a 2009 C63 Estate. Have read the manual and it shows switches beside the main controller. As you can see from mine there is nothing there except the lights on the mainswitch itself. Its obviously so simple it has passed me...

    Key fob - embarrassing question of the day!

    OK, I don't mind asking daft embarrassing questions :o. How does one open it to change the batterys? :o:o:o Two of us have tried :o.
  6. ringway

    Embarrassing Music Clips.

    All About Eve. I like this song and stumbled upon these two youtube clips recently. Poor Guy in the first clip! :o xgIvB_afQAs&feature=related So, are Martha's Harbour going to show him how to get it right on Top Of The Pops? F1JIe8Zlvr4&NR=1&feature=fvwp :doh...
  7. L

    Embarrassing or not?

    The other day I was at the MB dealers in Belfast. While waiting, I had a look at a new SL500 (a mere £80k) sitting in showroom and of course had to open the boot. The problem came when I went to close down the boot lid- it just refused to close. A rather snooty sales lady came over to show me...
  8. D

    Embarrassing Moment #45039

    My 4 year old (across the swimming pool) in a very loud voice "Daddy, Daddy, LOOK! That lady is FAT!" ...And so she was, but Daddy just wanted the ground to open up beneath his feet. Kids!! Les
  9. A

    How to deal with this embarrassing phenomonomonom

    Ok, I took delivery of my E220 demo yesterday. It's in a flat Blue colour with grey interior and frankly it doesn't look great. The 17" a/g wheels do lift it a bit though. Luckily I already love the car so it doesn't matter to me. To the problem: Last night and this morning I had to play...
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