1. wongl

    Any MBClub Enthusiasts located in HK?

    Having landed in HK for a few months now from London, I am looking to acquire my first MB in HK and was wondering if there are any enthusiasts from HK lurking around on MBClub. Looking to connect/network as trying to understand the "technicality" of buying and running a MB car in HK. For...
  2. M

    Hello M-B enthusiasts

    Checking in. I've enjoyed reading the conversations about the C350e Sport Hybrid as it's time to replace my C320 cdi that is beginning to show signs of age (08). I'm thinking either of more of the same (C 200 Sport Estate - petrol) or the Hybrid so I'll go off to the General Discussion Forum...
  3. brunotxu

    W123 enthusiasts wanted!

    Hi everyone, just wanted to say hi - I am a newbie and really keen on W123s. Looking forward to connecting with some other enthusiasts out there.... Please do drop me a line! Bruno
  4. 219

    More news for steam enthusiasts :)

    Scotsman season 2016 ? Flying Scotsman ? National Railway Museum
  5. brucemillar

    Fokker Tri-Planes. For you old aircraft enthusiasts.

    I just love this.
  6. ChrisA

    Car Enthusiasts

    "I love being a car enthusiast :thumb: Some people question why I put so much money into my cars. :dk: The simple fact is, it's makes me happy. :D I'm spending money on my passion. I'd rather spend my money and time on something I can show for, something I can enjoy, admire and hold on...
  7. I

    For Railway Enthusiasts....

    See: Rail Map online - UK & Ireland
  8. ACID

    Lee's C63 in Mercedes Enthusiasts Magazine Feature

    A Few Pics of the 1st Supercharged C63 MSL / Weistec Stage 1 Pictures Next Week stage 2............................:D:D:D:D:D
  9. ACID

    Mercedes Enthusiasts C63 Supercharged With MSL

    A Great Article of Lee's Supercharged C63 in this Months Mercedes Enthusiasts magazine
  10. R

    A forum for Mercedes enthusiasts?

    I have been a member here for a long long time and have mostly enjoyed the experience. These days, however, much of the enthusiasm seems lacking. In the old days posts about a new mod fitted or the latest plan of action were met with encouragement and enthusiasm but these days no one seems...
  11. 219

    Something for steam enthusiasts

    I just read on the BBC website that Bittern made a high speed run to commemorate Mallard's record setting 126mph run 75 years ago this coming Wednesday . To commemorate this event , all six surviving A4 Pacific Class locomotives are going to be at the National Rail museum this Wednesday (...
  12. Prabs.91

    To all C class owners and MB enthusiasts

    Hi all just recently joined the forum, took delivery of my new c220 amg sport coupe couple of weeks ago. Just wondering if there's anything I should know about the car, things to be careful of, cool features and just in general would be interested to know other people's experiences of the car...
  13. R

    Newbie (R129 500SL)! Hello to all fellow enthusiasts!

    Whoops! Couldn't find this forum initially, so you will prob find a similar post from me elsewhere, introducing myself and my newly acquired 500SL to the world! "I have just purchased a '93 500SL. It has some small jobs to do which I hope I can gather help and advice from the forum. I am...
  14. R

    Newbie (R129 500SL)! Hello to all fellow enthusiasts!

    Hi to all. I have just purchased a '93 500SL. It has some small jobs to do which I hope I can gather help and advice from the forum. I am delighted with the car in general, and this model has always been at the top of my 'want' list! I remember clearly when they were launched, dreaming of...
  15. RobertoMercini

    any 190e owners / enthusiasts

    Discovery turbo are refurbing one now on wheeler dealers channel 523. Might need to plus 1 it as it's over halfway through
  16. LTD

    I know for a fact there are a few AV enthusiasts here ...

    I've recently bought a nice LG 3D TV. I now want to connect it to my existing hifi to give me the soundtrack from my DVD / Bluray in a 2.0 format via my preamp. There is only an optical digital out on the TV (no line audio phonos) and my preamp does not have an onboard DAC to accept an...
  17. 300CE

    2000 mercedes c200 sport amg ,calling all mercedes enthusiasts

  18. Chattonmill

    For those Vulcan Enthusiasts

    Was just checking the progress on My Landy rebuild and another rebuilt Machine passed by...... I am led to believe quite rare!
  19. stevesey

    20 odd Merc Enthusiasts

    See here: Could we squeeze them into an 18 seater minibus? :D
  20. BTB 500

    R129 enthusiasts - have a look at this pic.

    OK, what's weird here (genuine pic., not photoshop)? Answers on a postcard. OK, you can post here instead :D
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