1. E CLASS

    Err you're living in Britain...

    Muslim teenagers convicted after spraying burkas onto scantily-clad Lynx models | Mail Online Any ideas on what might happen if you put up a billboard that's accepted here, in certain other countries??! If you live in the UK then accept how we live. Not too much to ask.
  2. 6pot

    E class err limo shell

    MERCEDES E CLASS LIMOUSINE BODYSHELL.BRANDNEW on eBay (end time 01-Oct-10 15:12:19 BST) at least its not rusty....
  3. L

    Milky Residue (ohh err)

    I noticed last week that I had a small amout of yellow/white residue under my oil filler cap so thought Ah! do I have a head gaskett problem. I wiped it clean and again a week later it is back again. This is not thick sludge or even that much, it is very thin and swirled in with the small amount...
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