1. Tim203

    Help please: Extracting all the oil from a 722.6

    Hi all , I saw an interesting thread on slackening a cooler pipe and running the engine for a few seconds to get more oil out of the gearbox when changing it. Got a cleaning flush to try out and could do with clearing it out better. Cannot find the 'how to's on my I phone app. Any help...
  2. 0

    Extracting Coolant?

    Hi All, A rather perculiar question. I have bought a fluid extractor (orignally to extract gearbox oil) - my friend wanted to change coolant in his C180, instead of doing a flush (not mechanically minded and take rather long), could I just extract the coolant and replace with the new coolant...
  3. D

    Extracting tag hose clamp

    I am trying to change the fuel filter of my 2001 SLK. To my amazement, it got tag hose clamps I am having difficulty extracting. These type of clamps are common in new cars. Any one had experience extracting these hose clamp? It looks dead simple but I couldn't do it. I bought a Sealy Norma type...
  4. BenzComander

    Extracting data from several Word Docs

    Is there a way of extracting names and addreses from several Word documents. The format of the Word documents is the same, and the data is recorded in a Word table in each doc. We want to create a mailing list. Any help would be appreciated,:D
  5. glojo

    Extracting the urine out of Lifeguards!!!

    'ere we go again. Anyone for a swim?
  6. Birdman

    Extracting roof dents

    Four small shallow depressions suddenly appeared, three on one side of the roof and one on the other, all of them near the drainage channels to the front of the roof. There is no damage to the paintwork, no scratching or signs of rubbing I wondered if this is something a specialist could repair...
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