1. gaz_l

    Digital photo frames

    Greetings, Citizens. Don't really know if this should be here or in IT but here goes.. Bought a 15" no-brand digital photo frame (from Amazon) the other week, it was cheap and I'm completely unsurprised to discover it's crap. I'm within my 14 day CCR period so it's going back, the first time...
  2. Screwdriver

    Any demand for W123 OEM Mercedes Sunroof Frames

    The UK dealer cited poor demand as a reason for the part no longer being offered from Mercedes. Fortunately, I have a direct connection with a very senior MB executive and given my love for these cars, I'm always happy to push for the supply of parts to keep them running. Given that it is...
  3. poormansporsche

    F/S Genuine Recaro W202 Recaro Sub Frames L & R

    like it says - Manual adjustment, cost me £450 for the pair. Allows fitting of Classic style seats. Looking for £100 the pair - collected from London SE6 or postage extra Regards Brett P.S Pics to follow
  4. R

    W176 new A class exterior mirror frames and right hand mirror glass

    Hi I replaced the standard mirrors with folding ones on my wife's brand new A class. So the mirrors are for sale - useful if you have smashed one up on your A class :-( These are the frames and the lower cover. I have a right hand mirror glass too as installing dimming mirrors Mercedes...
  5. XJguy

    w124 will sedan seat covering fit on coupe seat frames

    As in the title, I am trying to figure out if I can r replace the leather on my coupes front seats with those from a sedan? Thank you
  6. W

    2500 frames per second

  7. BenzedUP

    New ray ban rb 8625 glasses frames designer

    As title, brand new, never used, got them as a gift last year and just never used them. they are worth £100 on eBay; NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER on eBay (end time 31-May-11 21:57:31 BST) £50 Inc P&P.
  8. BenzedUP

    Ray Ban Frames Designer.

    NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER On eBay now; NEW RAY BAN RB 8625 GLASSES FRAMES DESIGNER on eBay (end time 11-May-11 16:35:26 BST)
  9. BTB 500

    .AVI movie file format question (frames per second)

    I have a little (tiny) video camera, which is supposed to shoot 30 frames per second (fps). It records .avi format files. The properties tab in Windows says 30 fps. If I import the file into Windows Movie Maker and check the properties it says 30.99 frames per second. But ... if I step...
  10. timskemp

    W211 Seat Frames

    My seat frame is unwell. The height ratchet no longer holds and the back moves around a bit on its own. What's the best way forward? New frame? Hunt around the scrappies? Buy a complete interior off ebay (and get leather into the bargain)??
  11. P

    MTB frames & a few Hope bits up for sale

    Have put a few mountain bike frames and Hope bits up for sale on e-bay. If anyone's interested please feel free to contact me via PM. Can trade for W203 bits (looking for amg kit and lowering springs). Thanks, Paulo
  12. carnut

    Digital picture frames

    Im looking for a birthday present for my partner and Im thinking of a Digital Picture Frame as shes just become a granny! Anyone have any knowledge of these products and what to look out for ( pros and cons?):confused:
  13. Subyland

    Kids climbing frames and trampolines

    Hello all, yes the time has arrived where my 4 year old daughter needs to have some fun outside. We would like to buy her for her birthday a swing/slide set and a trampoline (for daddy as well...:D ). Having had a look on the web there seems to be a lot of choices and widely varying prices...
  14. Satch

    Digital Photo frames

    Mrs S fancies one of these as an alternative to huge nonsense associated with getting the fossils (aka her parents) to sit in front of a computer to view piccies or gettting everything printed. Any suggestions in terms of size, resolution, brand ,etc? There seem to be quite a few about now.
  15. Steve_Perry

    Chrome air vent frames for W202

    Saw these on ebay recently, I dunno whether peeps will think they are too pimp or not. Either way, here's you go... Click me Enjoy, S.
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