1. BTB 500

    Another M-B spring failure ... talk about freak accident!

    In the news today Lucky save for the football team - Germany in Focus News - German Herald English Online Newspaper about Germany Sounds pretty bizarre? Presumably it was a suspension spring, but how did it (or part of it) come right off :eek:
  2. Simon_M

    BBC3 Freak Like Me (Car Cleaning)

    New series on BBC3 @ 8:30pm about people with OCD. One on the advert seems to show a guy who obsessively cleans his car. On now.... Be warned there is some disgusting stuff!
  3. J

    Freak of Nature Mercedes

    I was in a BP petrol station recently, and I saw this dark blue (or black) merc pull over (the owner went into the BP shop) Ok so far you are thinking what’s unusual about that …. except this merc has the rear end of the W202 C-class and front end of the W210 e-class !! I just stood there...
  4. Gizmo750

    Another Comand freak!

    Just a little note to say thanks to a few people from this site / club who have been extremely helpful to both a new member and a new Mercedes owner. Whilst trying to get my head around the Comand system that Mercedes assured me could not be retro-fitted I had no end of support from: Steve...
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