1. SilverSaloon

    did R107 models ever come with leather steering wheels and gearknobs as standard?

    hi as you know i'm restoring my R107. i dont want to fit anything that wasnt an original mercedes option when new..... can anyone confirm whether a R107 upto 1989 ever came with: (1) leather steering wheel (2) leather gear knob (3) wood gear knob (4) wood & leather steering wheel...
  2. SportsCoupeRich


    I went and had a play with a brabus one but it was £100.... :crazy: Not sure how a gearknob costs 1/5th the cost of a brabus exhaust but apparently so. Is the gearknob on my sports coupe the same as on any other models (w203 or not) so i can look at putting something sext there.>>>>? ta...
  3. mmerc


    looking for a solid chrome gearknob for my w202 c class.a picture would helpfull anybody out there help .mmerc :confused:
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