1. KillerHERTZ

    The Football Thread

    Welcome to the Football thread, please use this thread as the only place on the forum we permit Football discussions. By replying to this thread you will agree to the following rules: -Do not deliberately start arguments by attacking another rival team eg: Team xxxx are a bunch...
  2. Graham 71

    Graham 71

    Just got a ds tuning chip box really good made a difference anyone else got one of these are they ok? Will it damage my engine
  3. Graham 71

    Graham 71

    If this helps anyone had rear suspension problem with my clk 220 06 clunking and skittish over bumps and holes had it checked out nothing wrong so I thought it might be shockabsorbers changed them for kyb 553367 problem solved like a different car well happy
  4. Graham 71

    Graham 71

    New to this I have a clk 220 06 for a year
  5. Richard W

    For Graham - VW tips

    Lovely Audi Graham, nice shots of the sideways action! Seeing the Golf, have a look here for some suggestions for further mods to the Golf, not expensive and makes the car more driveable. If you can get past some of the more 'youth'...
  6. GrahamC230K

    Graham's Audi S4 B5 2.7 - quattro Rocks! & Golf GT TDI

    My first post in the defector's section - how excting! What a nice pair! W202 in the background not mine this time - one of the neighbours has a double! This is what it's all about: Wheels dirty, but you get an idea of the size of the brakes - somehow they seem...
  7. Howard

    Possible Gearbox for Graham ??? p.s maybe worth having the engine too for £1500........
  8. pammy

    Graham's C230 Kompressor Car looks great Graham - nice pic's and summary too. Looking forward to seeing it for real :D Hope you'll have time to wash it etc :D ;) :bannana: Just watch it'll be crappy weather etc now so I won't get to wash mine :D
  9. GrahamC230K

    Graham's C230 Kompressor

  10. BaldGuy

    FAO Graham C230K

    Graham, I saw your posts on the Benzsport site regarding the AMG look Exhaust tips from Japan for the whole Benz range, did you manage to find anymore out about these as I would club together with you to get some if your interested mate leme know
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