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    2012 British GP - Silverstone

    Are there any regular British grand prix attendees on here? Looking at booking tickets for this years race day, bit pricey but its something I'm keen to experience and a yacht in Monte Carlo harbour may well be a little above buget for this year... So I was wondering if anyone had any...
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    Becker Grandprix 7990 installed to W208 CLK - First impressions

    Hi folks, I thought i would do a little review to help anyone else thinking of installing a new head unit in there CLK or considering a Becker head unit. I really wanted an o.e look and if you have looked at my other thread you will know there are very few on the market. Becker for me is the...
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    Meeting 31 August Grandprix zandvoort

    Mercedes-Benz Club Nederland is having a meeting on the Grandprix circuit of zandvoort in the netherlands starts at 09:00 till 20:00 Entrance prisse is 10 euro p.p for visitors. more info +31(0)651713517 Gregor
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