1. whitenemesis

    R.I.P Greg Lake

    Another icon gone.. ELP, soundtrack to my youth
  2. BaldGuy

    XXX Greg's Parachute Jump for Charity XXX

    Hi all, On Tuesday September 6th, I will throwing myself out of a plane raising money for the "The Royal British Legion Poppy Appeal".. I'm very much hoping that the parachute opens and we safely land... I'm sure it will, as i will be strapped to a Red Devil.. Now here's where you all come...
  3. Flip

    One for Greg or Dave...?

    One careful owner, high miles.... :bannana:
  4. Koolvin

    Greg Wheeler's Monster C240

    Greg's Monster C240 V6 Lorinser 'S' Grill Light smoked windows 18" 2 Piece rims
  5. Koolvin

    FAO: Greg

    Hey dude, I found my reciept for the pioneer speakers... (74.92 + delivery and vat) 96.86 inc vat and delivery
  6. Koolvin

    Mini GTG with Greg Wheeler

    Oh btw - he drives like a maniac <img src="" border="0" valign="absmiddle" alt=':p'>
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