1. R

    Harder ride

    Hi, Apologies if this has already been covered but would be grateful for any assistance please. I previously owned a 2001 S Class 320 CDI and found it absorbed bumps and potholes effortlessly. I changed if 12 months ago for the newer shape model (2006) and whilst I love the car, (also...
  2. nick mercedes

    Genuine Mercedes Parts will be harder to find...

    "In the last months of 2010 Mercedes started spreading out change of attitude towards their distribution system of spare parts. We call it "Berufsverbot" (Occupational ban in English) Mercedes puts great pressure on the authorised dealers in all layers to make sure that spare parts are only...
  3. carnut

    Mercedes trying harder

    :bannana: Ive just had a complimentary health check on my MB courtesy of the Inchcape group A MB Tech came out to my home and checked the lights,brakes,fluids, battery belts,tyres,...all things I can do, but the best bit was a free STAR check:thumb: All was well How very nice to see MB...
  4. 1

    W203 steering wheel harder than previous W202

    I think that this is normal , due to different design, rack and pignon an W203 respect W202. In particular in low radius curve. Does anyone have noted this, passing from an old school W202 to a W203? thanks a lot:)
  5. G

    Harder brake pads

    Not so long ago, all brake pads were made with Asbestos. Not the friendliest substance but they didn't throw nearly so much dust and also lasted longer. I was wondering if anyone knows where these old type of pads can still be purchased? Obviously they must be banned in the EU, but maybe there...
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