1. whitenemesis

    Heatwave + Aircon = Dash Creaks

    Not in my RC it doesn't!! :bannana: The car had been sitting in the full sun for 5hrs, roasting hot inside but within a couple of moments the a/c was blowing ice cold air. Not a sound from thermally tortured air ducts or dash panels. Silent but for the rush of blissfully cold air. Turning on...
  2. 219


    While out in the car the other day , I noticed the reading on my OTG and snapped the following at a set of traffic lights . Warm , even for Sunny Scotland :D Can anyone beat that temperature ( in the UK ) ?
  3. D

    Heatwave Records

    I was wondering what the hottest temperature anyone registered in todays heatwave. I got to 37 degrees, outside the car and with the aircon on full to 23.1 in the front and 24.7 in the back. (S-class). They did say in the original bumpf that you could have Biarritz on one side and Iceland...
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