1. M

    2004 c220cdi HID Xenon upgrade instal

    Hi all. My C220cdi does not have Xenons but I wanted to know who would be the best person or company to fit these. I am not confident in buying kits from ebay and want the job done properly with good quality components. Has anyone else done this and if so was there any problems with...
  2. D

    Dynavin instal in a 2003 CLK W209

    I recently purchased my CLK and the radio was the standard Audio 10 with a CD changer in the glove box. The sound of the standard stereo IMO was not the best and was somewhat lacking sonically in a car of this quality and in my mind was top of my list of things to change. I had done some...
  3. nickg

    in dash sat nav instal on 129sl

    Hi guys Just bought a becker in dash sat nav - am expecting delivery today.... 2 questions: - can I get a speed sensor signal from the radio ISO plug (as per on Bobcat's W202 in an earlier thread) ? ; and - where is the best spot under the dash to put the GPS aerial? ta
  4. Cuvees

    How to instal PSE Nokia Module?

    The PSE module in my S500 does not support Nokia 6310i and I have learned from other posts that I should replace it with A2038205185. Where is this module located and how do I replace it? Many thanks :o
  5. M

    Succesful COMAND Instal on ML

    Just wanted to say thank you to everyone's advice on my COMAND instal. MY2000 ML 430 As we know Mercedes Uk say they are not possible and are as un helpful as possible. After buying the last piece of the jigsaw on Saturday I now have a working COMAND system, and to be fair it is great...
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