1. Cyclone1

    Large Villa in Greek Islands 2016

    Hi All, I am on the search for a large villa preferably in the Greek Islands to rent in August 2016. It needs to have the following please: Large pool 8 bedrooms / sleep 17 Be walking distance to the beach / bar / restaurant. Budget is up to £7k for two weeks. If anyone has one...
  2. M

    Visiting Channel Islands - no passport

    OK - I've Googled and it seems that I don't need a passport if I'm visiting Guernsey directly from the UK (this'll be for a short break holiday). But there's some question over whether I'd be allowed on a plane if I didn't have some form of ID. Anyone flown there recently without passport -...
  3. AMG-Al

    Import from Channel Islands

    I was wondering if anyone has any advice/experience importing a vehicle from the CI, namely Jersey in this case. The car was 1st registered there in 1991 and has never been registered at any time in the UK. Is it as straightforward as the seller is telling me - "UK MOT first then...
  4. W

    Tsunami - Powerful quake off Samoa islands

    Maybe not so relevant for a UK forum, but worth spreading the word for friends and familt abroad: BBC NEWS | World | Asia-Pacific | Powerful quake off Samoa islands
  5. Darrell

    Channel Islands C43

    Can't do the paste thing but look at this. Ebay 330360236660. Been round the block a bit. I didn't realise about the MOT and road tax over there.
  6. coupe deville

    The channel Islands and the TV licence

    Much press lately from the channel islands, particularly the feudal system on Sark that's under pressure to change. Question-- do the channel islanders have to purchase a british tv licence Reason I'm asking is the TV licence really bugs me and I want somewhere to live when I retire where I can...
  7. Z

    jersey channel islands

    anybody here,from jersey?? we have jacksons garage over here,which are bmw and merc dealerships under one roof. supposed to be the only dealership in the uk apart from guernsey with bmw and merc under one roof. ALSO NO VAT EITHER.
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