1. P

    Comand joystick

    Hi Everyone. Have just purchased my first Mercedes E350 Avantgarde 2010 last week and am absolutely over the moon with it. It's great to be a part of the MBClub. I've noticed that the rotary function of the Comand controller has the very common problem of doing nowt due to the frail shaft...
  2. azaman

    Microsoft Sidewinder 3D Pro Joystick - FREE

    I have an old MS Sidewinder joystick that I need to get rid of. It has a serial connection so I can't use or test it as my PC no longer has this port. I'm fairly sure it works though. Free to anyone who wants it, just pay for the P&P or collect it from Kingsbury (NW London) or Uxbridge.
  3. eddie_E

    electric mirror joystick

    I pulled mine appart trying to replace the bulb and all the springs came out and its a mess so i need a new one. Merc say they only sell the complete unit with the 4 window switches and the mirror adjustment swtich and cost £160 ish. :crazy: I only want the joystick unit and it ealsiy unplugs...
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