1. Benzmanc

    RIP Frank Kelly

    Frank Kelly death: Tributes paid to 'Father Jack' actor - BBC News Exactly 18 years to the day since Dermot Morgan died, who also died on a Sunday. Thanks for the laughs guys:thumb:
  2. S

    New Member - Sandy Kelly

    Hi, and thank you for welcoming me to this wonderful and encyclopaedic site. I have been using the knowledge within for some years now and feel that I really should participate rather than just be a taker! Forgive me - I have legged it to Australia, where cars (and almost everything else)...
  3. Simon

    Happy song (Mika, Grace Kelly)

    Don't know why but this cheers me up so I'm sharing the link with you.:) I hope it has the same effect.
  4. R

    Should Kelly Holmes get some public award?

    Should Kelly get to be a Dame or get an OBE etc for doing so well afterall Seb Coe did and David Beckham has?
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