1. M

    Auto Not Kicking Down Sometimes, Low Power - W211 E280 cdi

    I got my 2007 E280 cdi Sport 124k, 3 weeks ago. It did drive fine on the test drive but im not sure if this has been happening with the previous owner. Sometimes the auto box does not kick down and the car has very little power. There is no warning lights of any kind on my dash. One of the...
  2. S

    C250 CDI - radiator fan not kicking in

    The coolant temperature in my C250 sometime hits 105C and the radiator fan still doesn't kick in. In normal driving conditions the temperature stays at about 90 - 95C. The ambient temp is about 25C. But when I`m in the mood to floor it and shift at 4k rpm for a couple of minutes and then pull...
  3. T

    200 Kompressor Kicking Sensor

    Hi, Does anyone know where the Knocking Sensor/s are located on the M271 Kompressor engine? I'm getting a 0V for the knocking sensor reading on the iCarsoft reader.
  4. D

    Mercedes-Benz W203 C220 Turbo not kicking in

    Hello everyone! My C-Class220 2001 turbo is not kicking in lately. About 5months ago, I also had issues with turbo. A friend of mine took out the Air Flow Meter and cleaned it out. It started working, but at the same day it failed after a while. I replaced the Air Flow Meter with a new one at...
  5. Dave Richardson

    Intermittant rev limiter kicking in

    Could some one suggest the problem & how to rectify. 1 The car was working well before I touched it I changed the oil & filters on my CL203 today, 5.5 ltrs of Shell Helix, Bosch fuel filter & Mann oil filter. I used a fuel filter which I 'd had on my shelf for a while & filled with...
  6. N

    Auto gear box not kicking down, where's the power gone?

    Hi, I'm the proud owner of a 2001 C270 CDI Avantgarde but have started to encounter a problem and was wondering if there's anything I can do before getting the wallet out. The auto box is very smooth but over the last 2 days it has developed a intermittent fault. The car wont accelerate with...
  7. B

    Air con compressor not kicking in

    Hi everyone, newbie with questions how original! :) Just brought myself a W210 e300td. When i got it i put the air con on and it appeared to get slightly colder so i just put it down to a re gas.... Had it re gassed today and there was no leaks and it has been fully gassed and oiled up but it...
  8. chriswt

    Future classics - anyone kicking themselves already?

    What is everyone’s idea of the next future classics that is cheap(ish) now but will make good money in 10 - 20 years time. I’ve been reading a bit about the 365 Daytona in a couple of Classic car mags and they seem to have gone up significantly in the last 5 years and making some owners tens...
  9. Carrotchomper

    Should I be kicking myself,

    , or is the mileage just TOO high? Cheap as chips W209 Added it to my watch list a few days before out of interest but didn't see what price it had reached. Would have even been amenable to PX! Think if I had spotted this at 7.30 a bid or two would have been going in. Thoughts people- I...
  10. Satch

    Hurled in a police cell for kicking a football.

    And the problem is??
  11. guydewdney

    Anyone got any boxes of Cat5 kicking about? I need 2000 feet....

    Or - any cheap sources of solid core cat5 - not necessarily 5e - I need lots for speaker cable etc - long story - in the south west (the area of IT black hole :D ) can collect ;) Guy
  12. K

    Aircon not kicking in immediately

    Hi I need pointers on what could be causing my aircon woes. I had my whole diavia compressor changed and the drier was replaced and pipings checked etc in May this year. Now the aircon doesn't come on immediately - only after say 10 to 15 mins on the road. When it does come on, the coldness is...
  13. I

    Kicking the Cat

    I'm thinking of dumping the Cat on my 92 500SL (beats the law by 3 months). Is this sensible? I've been told that it will improve fuel addiction by about 10% (not looking for the extra BHP you understand!). Is this a sensible move? Are there issues re engine management system etc? It's a good...
  14. D

    Supercharger not kicking in???!!!

    Hello All, I wanted to know if anyone who owns a mercedes kompressor has noticed whether sometimes their kompressor (supercharger) doesnt kick in. I have recently kicked down on the accelerator and noticed that it just revs as normal and the car picks up speed as if the kompressor isnt working...
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