1. Spinal

    Happy Birthday Kikkthecat

    Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great day!
  2. Thmsshaun

    Happy Birthday kikkthecat & Others

    Have a fantastic day :D :bannana:
  3. M

    Name change for Kikkthecat

    Kikkthecat has just spent a few days down here annoying me which has led to his name change, from now on he will be known as Raythetw*t. Fortunately I just waved goodbye to him and don't expect to see him again for at least a year or even more if I am lucky!
  4. M

    Mini GTG with Kikkthecat

    Kikkthecat, complete with charming wife and pristine 124 convertible arrived here safely and in good form. He is enjoying the Languedoc and no doubt we will be seeing him down here again. This afternoon we visited my favourite wine producer and he liked the quality and the price. Driving...
  5. Howard

    A coupe for kikkthecat..... Maybe a bit too much work required for this one Ray ? ;) sorry, couldn't resist....... EDIT :- although the guy says he has all the bits and it needs a new ecu, but as it will be V8 powered , that...
  6. Howard

    Ray (kikkthecat) might be useful for you .....
  7. Steve_Perry

    Happy Birthday kikkthecat

    Ray, Happy Birthday fella :D Have a great time this weekend!!! :bannana: :bannana: :bannana: :D Happy Birthday to the other forum members who also share a Birthday with Ray :) c270cdi_mcr, esox, RSAmey & redshift. S.
  8. Aletank

    1994 E220 Coupe (kikkthecat's)

    Posted on behalf of kikkthecat 1994 E220 Coupe
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