1. brucemillar

    Clothing labels. Enough already.

    People What is going with labels in clothes? Every item of clothing that I buy these days, with one exception, socks! comes with enough labelling sewn into it to make an entire wardrobe. I am talking about quality clothing here, although I am given to understand that this trend has extended...
  2. npuk

    Dymo Label printer and 6 packs of labels for under £20!

    Buy the Dymo Labelwriter 450 and 6 packs of labelwriter labels on the same order between 1st October 2011 and 31st December 2011, and you can claim £100 cashback from Dymo. If this sounds like a really crazy deal, that's because it is - do the maths! You could walk away with a labelwriter and...
  3. Brian WH

    March GTG Car Labels

    Just a suggestion. If we all printed one of these in "Landscape" we could place in back of window going,for others to spot. On arrival put our user names on them in our Front windows.
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