1. S

    w123 240td lopsided

    The car has self levelling suspension which works fine and I have changed the spheres. It appear to a little lopsided at the rear. It has 75k miles from new so it is not really worn and has not had heavy loads. So, is this a spring issue, a hydraulic ram issue or is there some other thing that...
  2. tlzeebub

    Lopsided S Class

    Had my car parked on level ground and noticed that the car seemed to be lower on the n/s/r than on the o/s/r so i measured the height from the floor to the wheel arch and it's 6mm lower on the n/s, the tyre pressures are the same and when i raise the ride height the difference is the same anyone...
  3. R

    Lopsided suspension

    My w202 estate rear seems to have a difference of about 1 inch ride height on the offside to the nearside Do you think a change of rear springs will sort it out ? I also noticed there is some sort of sphere on the rear suspension and one inside the nearside trim.I guess this is some sort of self...
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