1. Suky Sangha

    How to get a clean exhaust luke Rashmans car

    This is a question which I would love to know the answer to! How do I get the inside of my exhaust looking clean? I've tried a bit if elbow grease! But no joy! Anyone got any ideas??? The thread heading should say like rather than luke!! Sorry
  2. design guru

    W126 300se Luke warm heaters

    I have a 1991 w126 300se and the heating is very poor, it only gives out a luke warm breeze when the car is at full temperature and if I turn the speed up it is hardly noticeable. I have purchased some 2 stage coolant flush but need to locate the drain plugs on the engine. I have done a...
  3. Simon

    Hey - Just call me Luke

    Does this sort of thing REALLY enhance the value of your car. I'd seriously consider changing my name on the registration document if it's worth it. Let's see. Hmm who shall I be?
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