1. Alps

    Not Ebay, Mambos old car

    Link just done a bit of digging around This is Mambos old C43, which he sold to a mate of mine, he done abt 4K miles in the year he owned it and PX`d for a Golf ?!?!? :crazy: Its alot of car for the money, avantgurd grill, 18" alloys, H&Rs.. nice mota now at a dealers
  2. Mambo

    Mambos car

    Two very dirty cars long over due a wash and wax My latest purchases If the weather holds up this weekend I'll post some pics after both cars get a going over with the Porter Cable :D
  3. Mambo

    Mambos C43

    Long overdue I know.... Before: ...and after some subtle mods :cool: :
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