1. S

    Did I manage this video?

    Hi guys I could be making this up although that would be worrying but I think I remember a member of this forum putting up a video of a black 12 plate c63 taken by the dealer that the member was considering purchasing. Does that ring a bell with anyone? If thee is someone who did this could...
  2. jonnyMercUK

    Anyone manage to get some detailing in yesterday?

    Managed a bit of detailing yesterday in the short break of rain. Used my new Snow Foam Lance (thanks npuk :thumb: ) got a sample of Autobrite Super Snow Foam, went on a treat, still need to get the dilution rates right but it worked pretty well. I then used 2bm with Autoglym shampoo and...
  3. R

    Who to manage and run a house renovation? Builder or Architect?

    Hi, So I am considering purchasing a place in much need of renovation. Given the nature of my job and my partner's we will not be able to run the renovation ourselves, we simply cannot be on the end of a phone when needed or at the house at a specified time to discuss things due to our jobs...
  4. W

    How to manage disk space in XP

    I have two hard disks in my PC. Both are 320 GB. One of them has a C partition on which I install all my applications. This is formatted with NTFS to 25 GB. This partition is almost full and things are starting to complain. The rest of that hard disk is formatted into four partitions...
  5. NormanB

    Manage Attachments

    Requesting advice here: I am trying to upload a picture to the forum using the manage attachment facility. I get an error message of 'exceeds your quota by xx bytes' - no matter how small I make the image the value at xx seems to random! At the bottom of the 'manage utility the message...
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