1. M

    Cleaning manky leather

    Well, so far so good on my old W124 that I am slowly fixing up. I bought some Dr Leather - leather cleaner after asking for advice on Detailingworld. I gave it 20 mins tonight on half the back seat. Amazing! Before: After:
  2. 230K

    Sticky manky knob sorted.

    Hi I had a sticky manky knob on the Audio 30 in my new Sl and after trying a few places i managed to get one of Ebay. Yes it was expensive at £10 for a knob but it feels and looks so much better. Might be of use to someone Becker MB Audio 30 BE3300 Volume Knob Spare Part on eBay (end...
  3. L

    Manky AMG wheels

    Hey I have AMG wheels on my car, dont know whether they are genuine or not, but they are in a real state. The polished lips have all water stained oxidation, and the paint is bubbling and flaking off all of the wheels. They are 17" and guessing 7.5J or 8J due to having 225/45 17 tyres all...
  4. Howard

    Manky Rusty w124 Wing
  5. scruffy

    manky calipers

    any tips on how to clean up grotty looking calipers i.e is paint ok, if so, any specific types/preperation. Never did understand why MB don't provide better corrosion protection for wheel stations when they are so visible through expensive alloys. Alloy internals are pretty filthy to and...
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