1. knighterrant

    Merge in turn?

    Another thread ( soon drifted away from the OP's rant about M25 lane-hoggers to the age old argument about how and when to react to lane closure notification. It started with this: After...
  2. Chattonmill

    Mail Merge help please!

    Our office PC's have been updated and now we have office 2007, the problem I am having is that we have a mail merge document that auto fills recipients on opening. The document just cant seem to find the data source unles I choose 'remove all data' and the go through the merge manually. Does...
  3. grober


    Porsche and VW are to merge announced today. Porsche and VW to merge - Latest Car News from 4Car Where does that leave OPEL I wonder.
  4. nick mercedes

    GM and Chrysler to merge??
  5. Flyer

    Macromedia merge with Adobe

    Register link Hmm, not sure about this one. They do have competing products, but new features in one usually leads to new features in the other. Fireworks <> Photoshop: Use them both extensively Freehand <> Illustrator: Prefer Illustrator Flash <> LiveMotion: Flash, obviously...
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