1. Somebody

    Are 500sec bleed screws M8x1.25mm?

    My brake bleed screws are all pretty rusty, so when I get to doing a brake overhaul I am going to replace them all. I always assumed they are M8 x 1.25mm, however somebody told me to be careful because they are M8 x 1.0mm, which incidentally are very uncommon. I can't really look at my old ones...
  2. Doodle

    Mmm, crunchy

    Down at PCS this morning for Olly to fit a new wiring loom to the SL...and not a moment too soon given the state of the old one. Crumbling clips and connectors, crunchy wiring. All gone now :D
  3. S

    Mmm - Kleemann C63K pics & 55k price reductions

    Lovely new pics of the mental sounding badass C63K And new lower prices for all 55K engines too! Stage 1: £ 2,695.00 , Pulley, ECU & Air-filters (bhp 540 +) Stage 2: £ 4,395.00 , Stage 1 + headers and down pipes (About bhp 580) Stage 3*: £ 6,489.00 , Stage 2 + cams...
  4. Mambo

    W202 C55 mmm mmm mmm

    Little pricey but nice all the same!
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