1. K

    UK number plates... Look naff!

    I may be on my own with this one, but I find UK number plates to look rather naff/unstylish compared other counties especially our European counterparts... When I say they look naff, I don't mean the letter combination or private plates (that's a whole other thread I'm guessing everyone has...
  2. Pitts Pilot

    Naff 2” speakers in a Bose surround sound system!

    Although I usually prefer the sound from the two door speakers alone, I have recently been experimenting with the Bose ‘Surround’ setting on the system in my R230, and to this end I removed the long plastic panel behind the seats that covers the two rear speakers. It turns out they are 2 inch...
  3. wobbly


    Ohh nice.:rolleyes: :rolleyes: Own up, whos got one.:D
  4. grober

    CLK 63 AMG NAFF presentation

    Heres a video clip of the official launch on the CLK 63 AMG "black series" [ better known as the current formula one safety car] at the 2007 NEW YORK motor show. Great car but the presentation is reminiscent of the late great Michael Bentine's "Its a square world" :rock: Totally NAFF or what...
  5. garystu1965

    Add on sat nav units are naff

    I hate them. They look ugly, cheap and totally naff. Especially the ones that are stuck in the middle of the windscreen with a sucker. Dreadfully tacky. Surely the car manufacturers should build them in to all cars now ? Anyone agree ?
  6. garystu1965

    Naff car of the day - BMW 318Ci

    On the way to work today saw a black BMW Coupe racing around in the traffic, undertaking, cutting in - basically acting like a t055er. Anyway he "sped" past me in the outside lane and I looked at the badge on the back. It showed just the "Ci" bit - he'd obviously taken off the "318" bit. Why...
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