1. mbzclk

    2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres (255/35/18) ALL SEASON

    Brand New 2x Pirelli P Zero Nero Tyres 255/35 R18 94H - Rated for ALL Season. MO - Mercedes Original Never fitted to car. Price is for a pair. Collection only or arrange your own courier. From East London / Essex area. £175! Thanks Photo:
  2. trando

    Pirelli P Zero Rosso v Pirelli P Zero Nero

    Hi there Time to get new rear tyres... I've go Neros on the rear but my local Kwik Fit says that you can't get Neros any more and all he can offer are Rossos. Now I could ring around a load of different places to see if anyone has any Neros in stock but does anyone here know the difference...
  3. as400

    Pirelli P Zero Nero or Rosso? Difference?

    Whats the difference between the Nero and Rosso?
  4. X

    DVD burning Nero

    I have just acquired a DVD RW off ebay and have installed it ok.....can play DVDs ok on Microsoft but how do I burn DVDs...... Nero seems to be the most recommended software, but what version do I need 7.0, 8.0, 9.0??...there also seems to be something called "Nero Essentials" would I get...
  5. T

    Nero 6 Reloaded

    Anyone Knows Where I Could Pick This Up Cheap,unfortunately Butget Is Low As Its Meant For A Secondhand Pc That Was Bought And Added A Dvd Writer - Pc World Selling For £29.99
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