1. C

    Nokian Winter Tyres for sale (Devon)

    We have a set of 4 Nokian WR A3 235/55R17 103V XL tyres, which we used on last winter. We've now sold the car and no longer need the tyres, but rather than put them on fleabay, I thought we'd offer them on here first to be helpful. They are all in good condition and have been carefully...
  2. pimpdriver

    Nokian All Weather Plus for my W210 (S210?)

    Hi, My 2002 (had it for 1 week) W210 (its an estate so is it a S210?) has 18" AMG alloys on it. I drive 20 miles every day down back roads with kerbs, pot holes and not quite wide enough for 2 cars. So I was looking for either some 16" winter tyres, but in the end I have ordered some...
  3. G

    Has anyone tried the Nokian Z SUV tyres?

    Hi, My R320cdi-L is has about 30K kms on the GT Radial HPY and they have been great apart from the wear. They are quiet, seem economical and have plenty of tread in the centre but like most SUVs the shoulders are worn. I am thinking about these Nokian Z SUV tyres. Some sites list this as...
  4. kit17

    Nokian ZG2 245 x 40 R17 91Y For sale

    I have for sale a pair of Part Worn Nokian ZG2's 245x40 R17 91Y I would say they have about 4-5mm left on them (see wear indicator on pics) The grip from these is excellent, very close to the Michelin Pilots I had before. See Link Nokian Z G2 These are currently £124 each on Mytyres...
  5. travelininstyle

    Nokian Winter Tyres for Sale (Test upload)

  6. grober

    Nokian tyres anomaly?

    SO HERE'S THE QUESTION:- why are are there no outlets stocking Nokian WinterTyres in the UK ? :confused::confused: I believe you can buy summer tyres in some places but not winter tyres. :dk: Most people on the forum [myself included]who have bought NOKIAN winters have bought then through...
  7. M

    Nokian, kumho or vredestein?

    Winter tyre choice. Any views or comments? Have read previous threads.
  8. X

    Nokian WR G2

    Can anyone say if the Nokian WR G2 is classed as an all-season tyre or just a winter tyre....can they be used all year round? I have Vredestein Quatrac 3 on my car and my wife is so impressed with their performance over winter, she wants them on her car, but they do not make the size needed...
  9. R

    Nokian Tyres

    I put my anorak on and was reading tyre reviews this afternoon.......Nokian seem too good to be true! Anyone running them or had any experience of them, if so how long do they last!!
  10. M

    Change to Nokian.

    Just fitted 205 55 16 Nokian tyres to my C-Class,first impression over the P6000's is a much quieter tyre,grip seems very good,wear?,we'll see!!.Price was just under £240 for the set(4).,good service from this company!!.
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