1. lisa110rry

    Are Privilege Allparts of Oldham represented on this site?

    Went to 'parts shark' and researched a couple of parts for my car with them today and then drove there to buy a couple of things for my service and MOT and a couple of minor upgrades for tomorrow. I bought an offside rear light cluster and a driver's side window mechanism, all in, including VAT...
  2. Calcifer

    Dronsfield Merc, Oldham. Anyone used them?

    Hello, I have had a suspension issue come up with the E55 airmatic system and was recommended Dronsfield by someone I know. Has anyone here used them and their experience. Thanks for any help.
  3. markm730

    new member, oldham, manchester

    Hi all just a small introduction from myself. Names Mark, from Oldham in Manchester. Just changed from Vauxhall to Mercedes, and have to say... Very impressed with the purchase so far. C230k. 04. Black ( best colour! ) Thanks Mark
  4. jukie

    S Cars in Oldham

    Does anyone have any experience of them or know them at all? I'm thinking of going to have a look at a couple of cars they've got in and wondered if I should steer clear or spend my Saturday afternoon on the M62!! Cheers, Jukie
  5. S500L

    Independent In Oldham Area?

    Any recommendations in Oldham, Rochdale, Ashton-u-Lyne area?
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