1. Peter103

    Russia's track and field athletes banned from Rio Olympics

    Drugs :ban:
  2. flying haggis

    winter olympics

    I have just seen on the news that Team GB "expects to return with three medals" Nice to spend all that money and have such high expectations!!!
  3. gaz_l

    Olympics closing ceremony

    Batteries in keyboard fail.. Who changed the beatles lyrics from went downstairs and had a smoke to went downstairs and drank a coke? Product placement I can understand but there are limits.. Gaz
  4. MercFanUk

    Olympics Teams question

    Does anyone know why we operate one team under the GB flag, rather than separate teams for England, Scotland and Wales? My only guess would be that we have a greater chance at getting a decent amount of sports people with all three countries combined - where as if we all went individually we...
  5. nick mercedes

    more olympics madness

    "WHEN it was announced the Olympic Torch would pass through Oxford, it was hoped the city would see a huge boost in business. But traders hoping to make the most of a costly pitch at the official South Park event have accused organisers of squeezing the life out of it. According to stringent...
  6. nick mercedes

    should the olympics be pimped?

    "Oral-B's official Olympic toothbrush exists because its parent company, Procter & Gamble, has a sponsorship deal enabling it to associate all its products with the Games. That's why if you look up Viakal limescale remover on a supermarket website, the famous five interlocking rings pop up...
  7. WesLangdon

    how to make the Olympics more interesting?

    I would like to see the running events have interval wimmers so that the fastest over 100 metres gets an award but the race continues on to 400 metres with interval awards at 200 and at the end. This would save much time and replication. Could also be done for the 800m, 1500 and adding in the...
  8. Godot

    Met Police To Use 1980s Software To Safeguard Olympics

    Met Police To Use 1980s Software To Safeguard Olympics Scotland Yard has confirmed that the Met will be using command and control software from the 1980s during this summer’s games British police who will responsible for the safety of both tourists and competitors during this year’s...
  9. @MARK

    Olympics, BMW and just about the right level of awkwardness

    So I got a phone call from my not quite so local BMW dealership the other day telling me I had won the runners up prize in their Facebook competition held before Christmas :bannana: So this morning we headed down to said dealership to collect our prize. Unfortunatly the prize didn't have 4...
  10. Beno


    I can fully appreciate the Olympics isn't everyone's cup of tea. However my 16 year old son has just been selected to be a torch bearer i couldn't be prouder and can't wait for them to start.
  11. Palfrem

    Let's just boycott the Olympics

    BBC News - London 2012: Food and drink rules hit Olympics fans I will refrain from comment ...except to say How many people in venue? How long to scan said number? How long to argue toss at scanners - in umpteen languages? Nah, just let 'em carry on with the mindless security and...
  12. jeffwebb

    Olympics, are you interested?

    Are you interested in the Olympics? Personally I think it's a nonsensical waste of money at a time when we are all tightening our belts and is an ego trip by our "great leaders", not to mention the disruption they will cause. I'm sure there will be other opinions :rolleyes: but would be...
  13. 300CE

    Anyone thinking of renting their pad out for the Olympics?!

    That's unusual: how rents for 2012 Olympics are 35 times their norm E-mailed the missus this morning to see if she would be up for doing it - means moving in with my folks for a few weeks which would be a bit of a tight squeeze with the kiddies, but could be worth it for these silly amounts of...
  14. D

    Mini Rick Shaw Taxiing Folks at Beijing Olympics

  15. verytalldave

    Olympics ! ! Pah ! !

    Am I the only soul walking the face of the earth who couldn't give a flying fig as far as the Olympics are concerned?:confused: To me its just an expensive overhyped waste of time. I cant wait for August 28th.:eek: And 2012 we be 10 times worse.:mad:
  16. KillerHERTZ

    Heads up - Topgear winter Olympics!

    On BBC2 now :)
  17. Flyer

    Winter Olympics

    The Torino 2006 Winter Olympics start next month (10-26 February). Pretty low profile, which is a shame and just a little bit different than the Summer Olympics. Looks like the BBC are showing some decent coverage and of course, EuroSport will be. Love the Winter Olympics; can't wait for...
  18. A

    mr ottos olympics

    http://brecht.edustria.com/jokedata/mr_otto_olympics.swf enjoy Andy
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