1. Beef Dogg

    C124 Optimisation

    Here is a few pics of my '93 C124 E220. Few things i have done so far: USDM Front numberplate plinth South African spec. Metal Skid plate R129 Front top mounts Early style Full black leather interior Wheels: Various.... :D When i got it.... Skid plate, this is a serious bit of kit. after...
  2. ringway

    Search Engine Optimisation. DIY Advice.

    How can I improve our online presence? We have had a reasonably nice website for many years and have paid someone to handle the hosting and SEO. However, we have fallen down the rankings and when I asked why, the response was "More companies and bigger budgets". I'm not an expert in these...
  3. Red C220

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    Does anyone truly understand this? I've had a few websites over the years which have done reasonably well on natural listings in Google and the other usual suspects but I'm really struggling with a new site I've set up. I fundemantally understand how to arrange the structure of the site and...
  4. Mr E

    Search Engine Optimisation

    Does anyone here know any individuals/companies who are any good at search engine optimisation. Mate of mine has various on-line fingers in the virtual pie and has been using a dubious contact who has had to leave these shores............ He then did the usual googling thing and basically...
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