1. fab1975

    Outrageous: wannabe "E Class" in Vienna

    Last week I was in one of the most beautiful cities in Europe... when suddenly I saw this monstrosity and literally thought "what the **** is this?!?" Pardon my language, but I was just outraged. I had seen pictures of Chinese clones on the web, but meeting one in real life is a completely...
  2. Palmball

    Most outrageous SUV??

    Don't ask....because I can't explain :wallbash: Other than I should never have sold the ML as I've regretted it since. Not that there's anything specifically wrong with the E63, because it's actually one of (maybe even THE) best driving all-rounder I've had. The ML isn't as good in many...
  3. brucemillar

    Outrageous behaviour.

    Speed camera saw attacks continue There have been six speed cameras attacked with a saw in the Scottish Borders Two speed cameras have been attacked with a saw in the Scottish Borders - taking the total of such incidents in the region to six. The latest incidents happened on the A68 at...
  4. Colin_b

    Only £4.22 for my cat? Outrageous!

    I'd been expecting at least £6.00, but these rogues offer so little. Am I being unreasonable? Move your moggy with webuyanycat.com Well, it amused me:)_
  5. C240Sport97

    Outrageous MB Parts Sharp Practice

    I have a bit of rubber trim missing on the curved bit of fixed rear window panel of my CLK .. it's about half the diameter of a straw and about 2 to 3 feet long .... So, I went in today to get a new piece. Guess what?? You have to buy the whole damn metal trim bit as well, as they don't...
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