1. jukie

    Old Sky+ box - anyone interested? P&P only.

    It's an Amstrad box, 5-6 years old, maybe. Hard drive is on the way out mind so would need replacing. Remote control still intact and working. Only cost would be P&P unless you wish to collect. PM if interested.
  2. grumpyoldgit

    Headlight bulbs. Free P&P

  3. markevo

    Sat Nav Navigation-DVD Audio 50 APS 2010/2011 £15 plus £2 p&p

    This is a set of update DVDs for the Audio 50 SatNav system fitted in certain Mercedes E Class models. Please check you have the right version for your vehicle before: A212 827 4459 Version 5.0 2187.061 E Class Cabriolet > 11/09 E Class Coupe > 05/09 E Class > 03/09...
  4. M

    iPhone 3G 16GB £90 + P&P

    Hi, My Girlfriend has upgraded hers 3G to 4s hence the sale. Phone is in good nick and it comes boxed and unlocked (I that it has been unlocked by the provider after the end of the old contract), there is a rubber cover that will go with it. £90 by paypal (gift) + p&p or pickup...
  5. W

    Oil: 229.51 5L for £19 + P&P

    Neo Brothers Saab Fully Synthetic Engine Oil 5W-30 93165212 Having just bought a Saab I was pleased to see that the Saab (GM) oil also meets VAG specification 505.01 suitable for my A2 and costs only £19 for 5L. This oil also meets 229.51. Postage is £9 though. But if you buy 10L it works out...
  6. JumboBeef

    Returning goods to an online company: P&P refund?

    Hello all, I bought something from an online UK company (I telephoned them to order, and paid for the goods via Visa Debit). The goods were £34 and the P&P £6. The goods have now developed a fault and want to return it for a refund. Now, before I call them, can I request they refund my £6...
  7. E

    Snooper Evolution Free p&p

    Snooper Evolution - 2009 SNOOPER GPS DETECTORS - Snooper All manuals, Pc leads & box exellent working condition £45
  8. 1

    Question about P&P?

    I was wondering what the correct way of doing this is? If you buy goods over the phone for eg. and it comes to 100 and they then add on VAT at 15%, gives you 115 and then they add on the P&P say another 10, so total is 125. Or its 100 + 10 P&P + VAT = 126.50 Is there a correct way...
  9. E

    What a bargain!!! free P&P included
  10. F

    Diamondbrite £65 + p&p

    Removed by Admin : any quieries please contact :
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