1. B

    Engine Oil Paranoia

    Hi. I have always put the exact right oil in my vehicles. Question; doing an oil change on my Vito and got Comma X-Flow MB 229.1, will this oil be ok? Or should I get the more expensive Comma Syner-G MB 229.1 & 229.3? NOTE: I service my vehicles religiously. From what I can work...
  2. lordofthenazgul

    Paranoia setting In

    Alright guys(& gals) heres meine speile as I'm feeling a bit paranoid... I bought a '98/S C240 Esprit with c32k on the clock for c£9200 from a national Co., not M-B though (carcraft), the vehicle has a 90 day no quibble warranty (since expired) and a 1 yr major mechanical breakdown...
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