1. Dieselman

    Pentax cameras

    Does anyone have any experience of genuine comments about Pentax DSLR cameras and lenses/ I'm only after views on Pentax kit.
  2. M

    Pentax x70 digital camera

    hi guys i have my x70 for sale , details for camera can be found on google , great camera 24x optical zoom same shape as DLSR cameras and a great fast point and shoot with carrying case £60
  3. tudu

    New Camera Digital SLR Pentax K20D

    Tried out my new camera over the weekend, seems quite easy to use although i am not a professional, i am still learning. I have attached some pics taken in manual settings, and would welcome any comments.
  4. Benzowner

    Pentax Optio 330GS

    Can anyone help? I have a Pentax Optio 330GS digital camera, but the screen has gone blank and it does not take photographs anymore. All other functions on the camera works. Is it terminal :(
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