1. daverogers2001

    How o post a Piccy?

    Hi?, A dim question but how to I post a picky ?
  2. Howard

    Piccy editing help please

    Hi chaps and chapesses ! Could someone please 'blank' the numberplates in my new signature piccy, i can only figure out how to airbrush them black, which will spoil it !! Is it possible to 'grab' a section of yellow off each number plate and just cover the plate with it, so it matches? i...
  3. Howard

    Piccy Needed

    Hi all, Does anyone have a piccy of a C36 with styling II's in Violine Purple? I ask, as i might have the opportunity to buy one, and as i haven't got any money, i have been to try to tap Dad up , he seems agreeable but wants to see a picture of what sort of car it is .... So, please...
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