1. Scott_F

    Would You Poke a Dancing Bear With a Stick ?

    I have recently been offered the chance to undertake a challenging journey of at least 2 hours to an uninhabited part of Outer Rochdale in order to enjoy the traditional spectacle of a dancing bear. The trip is likely to cost well over 80 pence but in return will afford me the...
  2. snow leopard

    Bought a pig in a poke?

    Can anyone help shed some light? I have just tried to P/ex my SLK200K against a newer C Class Coupe but the dealer discovered that my car was listed as a write off (cat D). When I bought the SLK I was told that it had been HPI checked. I feel pretty dumb for trusting him when he told me that...
  3. PJH

    Have a poke !

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