1. MancMike

    ODBii port powers reader, but won't connect

    Hi, Breaking off from this thread, my two ODBii scanners both exhibit the same issue. One is a wifi reader that connects to my phone. The phone connects to the reader no problem, but I get error messages that it cannot read the interface. The other is a handheld reader, again it gets...
  2. Druk

    Sainsbury powers store from biowaste.

    BBC News - Sainsbury's store powered by food waste Two questions. How can there possibly be so much wasted food as to allow a store to power itself? Does an OM648 have sufficient compression to ignite a Walls Cumberland sausage or will it need a Yadgar Lamb Balti? .
  3. KillerHERTZ

    Real Life Austin Powers Causes Traffic Chaos

    GxomW9x1eq0 Napoli, il video dell'automobilista incastrato a Cardito spopola sul web - YouTube
  4. Howard

    Followed Austin Powers home tonight ...

    Oh Behave !! :D
  5. S

    New powers for PLOD!!!!

    Just found this on Autotrader. I'm not impressed,are you? Boy racers and riders who cause a nuisance to other road users could have their bikes seized by the police when a new law comes into force. The Police Reform Act 2002 gives Plod new powers to confiscate cars and motorcycles on...
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