1. ioweddie

    PRS - PPL Scam Anyone know for sure?

    We have the radio on at work, small company 10 people, occasional visitor/customer may come in. We have had to buy both of these licences. My sister in law owns a high street shop, one woman business, obviously shoppers/public entering the shop can hear the radio which is in the stock room but...
  2. L

    Hey all, hope will have a nice time here with you great ppl

    Hi , I am new here in this forum.. I am Parker from Leigh. I have bought BMW , 118d M sport, 3 months back, love this car but I have to sell and buy another one with whom I fell in love is Audi , A4 2.0 TDV S-line.. what you say friends...?
  3. bigterry

    ello mbz ppl

    hi all am new love my old merc,s ive had quite a few merc,s oldest was a 77 w123 200 then 5 or 6 190,s 1.8,2.0d,2.5d,s loads of w202,s all dsl 220,250,250td,my current 1 is a c220 cdi an last of all the old rust buckets the frog eye,s mainly 250d 300d an cuple 300td all def spec eg...
  4. sgtbob

    Passed my PPL!!

    Just thought i would let you all know, (as i am absoloutly over the moon!!), that i passed my PPL (Private Pilots Liscence) on the weekend! I have been working towards it for over a year, competing nealy 50 hours flying and 7 ground school exams. Had my final "skill test" on the weekend and...
  5. pammy

    Don't get caught warning ppl of speed traps..

    look what happened to this guy here
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