1. W

    Personal Presentation video from the dealer

    I have just received an email with a link to a 'personal presentation' from the salesman arranging my new car. Very informative and much more convenient to a call as you can watch it when it suits you. Has anyone else received one of these ? This seems to be a new service although a...
  2. Campoos90

    Presentation to the MBClub. w204 c220cdi query!?

    Alternator belt noise on w204? - c220cdi coupe Hi guys I have been hearing a very particular noise that I think that comes from the alternator belt. (Similar to an air leak). Is that normal? I have seen some videos on youtube and they sound pretty much the same... Thanks Campoos90
  3. A


    Hello everyone, my name is Alberto and I write from Italy, in particular from Verona. I am passionate about Mercedes cars and I'm associate in Mercedes Benz Club Italy. Thanks to the moderators and administrators of the forum.
  4. W

    Mercedes-Benz W212 E-class presentation

    Some MB slides I came across that might be of interest
  5. grober

    CLK 63 AMG NAFF presentation

    Heres a video clip of the official launch on the CLK 63 AMG "black series" [ better known as the current formula one safety car] at the 2007 NEW YORK motor show. Great car but the presentation is reminiscent of the late great Michael Bentine's "Its a square world" :rock: Totally NAFF or what...
  6. BenzComander

    Pictures for PowerPoint presentation?

    Does anybody have a favourite site to get good quality free pictures for a business PowerPoint presentation? Need pics people at work, taking part in sports etc. Cheers,
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