1. ChrisEdu

    Michelin Primacy HP 245/45R17

    I've got these on my E320 S211 and I'm sure they're trying to kill me! In the wet they seem to have almost no grip at all when coming off a roundabout. I'm finding that just lightly accelerating is causing the car to squirm and squirrel as though on ice and the traction control is flashing like...
  2. E

    OEM Mercedes 8 Hole Alloy Wheels + Virtually New Michelin Primacy HP Tyres

    Set of wheels on ebay: Mercedes 8 Hole Alloy Wheels + Virtually New Michelin Primacy HP Tyres | eBay Please call me on 07888 653 229 if interested, I'm sure a deal can be done for an MB Club member. Thanks, Ed
  3. st13phil

    Michelin Primacy vs Goodyear Efficient Grip

    The 245/45 R17 95W (summer) tyres on my W212 will require replacement in the next 2,000 miles or so. It's currently on Pirelli Cinturato P7's which grip and handle OK in both the wet and the dry, but haven't excelled in life terms and are quite noisy - a W212 Achilles heel. While they've...
  4. M

    Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance or Michelin Primacy 3?

    Hi all, All 4 tyres need doing on my dads E220, it's an Avantgarde with 225/55/R16 size tyres. Currently narrowed it down to the Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance or Michelin Primacy 3. The Goodyear is very new so there isn't many reviews about at the moment. Does anyone have any...
  5. Dryce

    Michelin Primacy 3

    I've been using Michelin Primacy HP for quite a while now. At Costco yesterday I was checking out prices and they had 'Primacy 3'. It looks like this is a replacement for the HP's. Has anybody any experience of these? Quieter? Better? Worse?
  6. travelininstyle

    Tyre.Michelin Primacy HP 205/55R16 91V

    Hi, I am selling on a strictly pick-up basis a part worn tyre as above - the tyre has,according to ATS, 5mm of wear left - as I have just had 4 new tyres.There is a circular type patch on the inside of the tube,but I am not aware that it has ever been repaired and I have certainly been...
  7. geek

    Michelin Primacy Pilots

    Can anyone tell me what the difference is between Michelin Primacy Pilots and Michelin Primacy Pilots MO (Mercedes Fitment) According to my local tyre place, he thinks they are the same and its just some marketing scam to increase the price.... Does anyone know? Thanks
  8. F

    Michelin Primacy

    Just got rid of the Pirelli P6000's - even though they were still very healthy in terms of tread depth. Not done many miles on the Michelins - but they are quieter grippier and dare i say it the car rides or feels as though its riding better.
  9. Doodle

    Loose Michelin Pilot Primacy tyre.

    I've got a Michelin Pilot Primacy left over from the wheels bought for the Alfa. It was too good to give away when the tyres were replaced (it's nearly brand new), and may be useful to someone as a spare or replacement for a damaged tyre. It's sized in 205/55WR16, with no repairs or damage...
  10. GrahamC230K

    Gooodyr F1's vs. Michelin Pilot Sport vs. Primacy

    It's nearly tyre time again. The rears seem to be in tune to my ASSYST as every time I need a service I seem to have worn the rears out :o The fronts have missed one pit stop have done roughly double the mileage of the rears so far. The tyres could actually do with being rotated to get the...
  11. Paul

    Michelin Primacy

    As I have developed a punture on one of my front tyres, I have decieded to replace them both with Michelin Primacys 15/205/65. I will be getting them Sat' so does anyone have any veiws on these tyres they might like to share.:)
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