1. colinhiscock

    CLK W208 Radial Light Switch Removal / Repair

    Hello there. New to all this so be gentle! I have a CLK200K W208 on an 02 plate. I've had intermittent problems with the rear fog lamp and front near side main beam not working. I think I've wittled it down to the radial switch as there's no relays etc that could be causing the problem and...
  2. wheels-inmotion

    New tyres and their radial markings

    Most fast fit centres/ fitters do not know what these markings mean, so be prepared for a "heads up". Most branded new tyres will have coloured bands around the circumference, historically they are red/ blue/ yellow. In most cases it's the red band that's of interest? What does it mean...
  3. S

    GT Radial Champiro Tyres

    Hi, Does anyone know where I can buy these tyres? Thx Sasha
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