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  1. SL300-24

    Blaupunkt radio/cassette for W124 wanted

    Has anyone got a suitable original Blaupunkt radio/cassette in good working order for a 1988 W124 that they wish to sell please?
  2. S

    Suggestions on adding CD player to Radio/Cassette

    asking if i could add a CD player to Mercedes Benz W220 S-Class. I was thinking of making this happen as an insert in the emply slot below the current radio/cassette player. I called a dealer and they said that there is a unit for such, but that it costs $670 plus installation, but that the...
  3. L

    MB 'Bose' radio/cassette player - Coded

    Hi, I've got this listed on ebay if anyone's interested? 'Mercedes-Benz 'Bose' radio/cassette player - Coded' Genuine Mercedes-Benz 'Bose' radio/cassette player - Coded | eBay Also got a few other genuine MB service bits & peices I had spare. Happy to sell directly to any club members if...
  4. ss201

    Audio 10 radio/cassette instruction booklet

    Does anyone have an instruction booklet for a early 1990s Audio 10 radio casette, please. Condition not important. Maybe you have an old one laying in a drawer somewhere? Would appreciate it very much if you have one - or even a photocopy of one would suffice.
  5. paddler

    Audio 10 radio/Cassette + 6 disc CD

    My stereo only has front speakers none fitted to the rear parcel shelf and the one in the drivers door has died (very low volume). I'm not sure what to do Thought of going to a stereo specialist and having front speakers replaced and rear's fitted but not sure if it is the front door speaker or...

    Blaupunkt Radio/Cassette FOR SALE

    Blaupunkt, Canberra C31 radio / cassette player Black finish and minimalist design, compliments MB interiors Unit supplied new with our A-Class: Q5 304 9008 Unit has never been used, swapped out for a CD player at time of purchase. Fifty pounds, included post and package to UK mainland...
  7. robert.farmer

    radio/cassette player

    My radio cassette player does not play cassettes, it has stopped working, as i am not into ICE very much, anyone know of a reasonably cheap ordinary unit i can purchase, it would be nice to play my ZZTOP tapes whilst cruising, if you know what i mean. Ta everso much.
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