1. T

    Rieger front bumper spoiler w202 new

    Im selling a brand new, unpainted ORIGINAL RIEGER ABS Plastic Front Bumper Spoiler for the Mercedes C Class W202 by Rieger Tuning. Made in Germany to TUV Quality Standards. Includes Fittings as Necessary and Instructions..The third photo gives you an idea of what it looks like fitted to the...
  2. L

    Reiger Quality?

    Hi Never bought any aftermarket bodyparts for any cars before.. So.. I noticed Reiger make an infinity front lip spoiler for the W202. Has anyone ever bought any Reiger products and can comment on there quality? Even though its a direct bolt on fitment to the standard W202 bumper, I will...
  3. R

    Selling / Splitting - Clk W208 - 17 Amg Split Rims - Crystal Headlamps - Reiger

    double post double post sorry
  4. R

    Selling / Splitting - Clk W208 - 17 Amg Split Rims - Crystal Headlamps - Reiger

    The day has come to split my beloved CLK, some parts have already been reserved , il keep updating it to let you guys know. if your intrested in anything send me an email to [email protected] im based in heathrow... and id prefer collection if you think im silly for splitting it and wana...
  5. Howard

    Just on the offchance anyone wants a Reiger front spoiler..
  6. Howard

    CLK Reiger kit on ebay

    CLK Rieger bodykit on ebay As you will probably have noted by now, i do spend rather a lot of time trawling ebay ..... Here is another gem for all you CLK owners (maybe :rolleyes: ) Be interesting to...
  7. Thmsshaun

    Reiger Body kit w202

    Along with many other things I am considering the Reiger bodykit for my 1995 C180 Sport. In general would this be classed as a thumbs up or down mod.
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