1. M

    Co-Create the future of EVs - paid research study

    Co-Create the future of electric cars! We are searching for creative people to join us in our innovation workshop in London on 3rd of December and our online community from 7th to 13th December. I would like to invite you to participate in our research project that we are doing together with...
  2. M

    Mercedes Vision Van research vehicle Unveiling - Video

    Mercedes Vision Van research vehicle Unveiling [YOUTUBE HD]VT_EYUxMZWs[/YOUTUBE HD]
  3. B

    C63 PPP I've done some research lol

    Hi all New to this forum but looking to get the above mention C63 PPP saloon there is a 2010 one for sale which i am interested in. I have been reading posts and threads from searches for days now and have come to a general consesus as to what this means. However i want to double check i am...
  4. B

    Personal Training - Market Research

    Hi guys, I'm in the process of re-training, to become a Personal Trainer. I've been health and fitness obsessed for many years now, compete in Masters athletics, qualified as a coach, and have also trained as an NLP practitioner to become accomplished in the art of helping people to change...
  5. D

    help for research for specific models and nos year by year

    MERCEDES 350 SLC - How Many Left? MERCEDES 350 SLC AUTO - How Many Left? MERCEDES 350 SL - How Many Left? MERCEDES 350 SL AUTO - How Many Left? #!manufacture gives year by year split on how many registered and sorn if you would like to do research on specific model if somebody knows i am...
  6. trapperjohn

    Legal Eagle "Cold Case" Research.

    Santa bought a couple of new(ish) pushbikes to the Trapper garage. Which lead to a conversation about "pedaling furiously" Not as there is any danger of that happening here. Local myth and legend has it that the first such court case was brought after a cyclist was "knicked" for that self same...
  7. M

    Market Research about Luxury and Sport Cars - UK

    The company I work for, JRA Research, is conducting some market research interviews with owners of Luxury and Sports cars. We are looking to speak to owners about their opinions to new cars. The interviews will be taking place in Central London next week - Tuesday 8th November, and will last...
  8. grober

    Mercedes research vehicles

    Interesting iece on Mercedes research vehicles over on the eMercedesbenz site An Overview of Mercedes-Benz Research Vehicles | eMercedesBenz Includes their 3 wheeler and the C class based Vario from 95 which I hadn't seen before.
  9. Palfrem

    More dubious research findings?

    BBC News - Passive smoking 'doubles hearing loss risk among teens' First of all, I don't smoke, but.... Surely teen ears are at greater risk of damage from ipods and other MP3 players running at hazardous decibel levels directly into the ear? Should there be a equally vigorous "downer"...
  10. ckember

    Pfizer to Close UK research centre

    Pfizer have announced the closure of their research facility in Sandwich Kent today. This is a major blow to the UK . If anyone on here is affected I am sorry to hear this news.. My parents started dating after a trip to the site back in the 60's. Also they are are a major customer of ours ion...
  11. SAFC

    Mercedes Fights Back - Better Research and Cars

    BBC News - Mercedes fights back against tough rivals :thumb:
  12. aka$h

    Race For Life-Cancer Research

    My wife's doing the Race for Life to help raise money for Cancer Research UK. It's a cause close to her heart. One of her friends was diagnosed with an inoperable brain tumour last year. Sadly, he passed way earlier this year. Help her raise money for a worthy cause and to stop people...
  13. P

    Market Research

    Hi, I work for a market research company and we are conducting research on behalf of Mercedes Benz. We want to talk to people who have bought used Mercedes in the last year or so but, here's the tricky bit, not through the Approved Used Network. We would send someone out to interview you and you...
  14. A

    National Event Research Poll - where do we live

    Following on from the national event thread we've opened this poll To help us work out the most central location we need to find where people will be travelling from. Below is a map of Britain, split into 6 regions, just add a vote to the poll for whichever area you live in. If you are...
  15. GRAV888

    Speed Camera Research Scrapped.

    The Government cancelled research into the effect speed cameras were having on accident rates and driver behaviour, a request under the Freedom of Information Act has revealed. The move by the Department for Transport (DfT) was described as "astonishing and grossly irresponsible" by...
  16. F

    Market Research

    Hi All, Does anyone have any opinions on whether it would be within the rules of this site and appropriate to post a thread asking for comments about a product we are looking at launching early next year? It seems that there are many people from many different backgrounds using this forum...
  17. Kinky

    Market Research

    Found on Pistonheads - could be worth £250 for someone for 2 hours work ... Posted here: I have been approached by a market research company who are looking for owners of specific cars to, view and make comment on a couple of...
  18. S

    C-Class market research

    Found this on another forum - might appeal to late W202/W203 owners:- Did a similar thing a while back - you normally get all the free sarnies and fizzy drinks you can eat :bannana:
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