1. The _Don

    Facebook Bankers Secretly Cut Facebook’s Revenue Estimates In IPO Roadshow
  2. Uncle Fester

    Mobile revenue cameras on A249 & Bluebell hill

    They're back.................. The mobile revenue cameras on the A249 Detling hill north bound, just inside the national speed limit sign, to catch people as they accelarate up the hill out of the 50mph zone. They had a spell there about a month ago, must have been very luctrative for them...
  3. D

    Another revenue generator is back again

    Drivers face postcode lottery under pay-as-you-drive scheme The Government is considering using the electoral roll to set charges for drivers, which could be as much as £1.30 a mile. :eek: Motorists could either be monitored using "spy in the sky" technology, which would involve boxes...
  4. D

    Another revenue generator

    Drivers face higher parking charges under controversial new car tax band linked to engine emissions:eek: There are also plans in some areas for pay and display car parks to charge drivers of gas guzzlers more...
  5. Benzowner

    Speed Camera Revenue

    I see the income from speed cameras 2005/6 amounted to £114.6 million down 1% on the previous year. I wonder where its all gone?:rolleyes:
  6. Guy

    Life savers? Revenue raisers?

    I have no argument with speed cameras. IMHO they should be at all accident blackspots, with prominent warnings. If a camera saves a life, or prevents an accident its justified. But I´ve never understood how a life is saved just by taking a photograph of a passing car on an empty road, then...
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