1. S

    SL500 Rosewood metallic

    Here are a few pictures: I tried uploading here but got errors - maybe cos iPhone over wifi Anyway, the colour is what sold me on this - I've not seen another like it
  2. B

    Rosewood Metallic

    Does anyone have a good photo of a car in 485 Rosewood Metallic? Sounds nice but I don't know it Nick Froome
  3. sportyreptile

    Rosewood or Walnut?? Help.

    How do I tell the difference?, having missed the "how to tell different types of trees from a long way away" part of my education. Seriously tho' I've got this wood stuff on the dash on centre console and would (or wood) like to get a gear lever knob to match. But, is it rosewood or walnut...
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