1. lfckeeper

    High pitch screch with wheel rotation

    Part 263 of has anyone got any advice..... So I started hearing a high pitch (metal on metal?) noise from the nearside of the car but only when the wheels rotate .. Its something to do with the parking brake, i know this because I've applied the parking brake and released and its gone away...
  2. funga007

    Advice on wheel rotation

    while my car was up on the ramp at the local garage, i spun both front wheels at the same time but one stop much quicker than the other. that very same wheel also makes a 'thump thump.....' sound everytime i drive. checked wheels for bulges. would a flat spot on the alloy cause this or is it...
  3. rogkildare

    Tyre rotation thump

    On pulling away from cold in my 1996 C180 a thumping noise in time with tyre rotation occurs as though something is attached to the rear tyre, and you can also feel it through the seat. It only lasts about 30 seconds and is then completely smooth. This only happens from cold and I would have...
  4. Alfie

    direction of rotation for continental tyres

    I've just bought a new set of wheels fitted with Continental supersport 2 tyres. There appears to be no indication on the tyres themselves as to the direction of rotation. Anyone know if it is an issue or not? thanks
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